LIFE SKILLS - With a number of our clients living independently, we aim to provide appropriate advice and support in order for them to achieve their full potential in their own homes.

ARTS & CRAFTS, MEDIA, IT AND PHOTOGRAPHY - We offer our clients the opportunity to stretch their imagination one step further. From expression painting and digital photography to publishing newsletters in our computer suite.

NUMERACY AND LITERACY - Sessions are in place enabling clients to build on and improve these core educational skills, these are not carried out in a formal classroom setting but rather as informal learning through games of hangman etc.

EDUCATIONAL TRIPS - Our clients feel it important to gain knowledge and understanding of their surroundings, the wider environment and different  cultures. All trips are chosen and researched by clients.

DRAMA, MUSIC AND DANCE - A client favourite, as this aids self expression whilst promoting confidence and improved self-esteem.

PRODUCT DESIGN - Clients take a hands on approach in designing items such as plant troughs etc and turn concept into reality in the safe environment of our woodwork studio.

RECREATION - The Hive provides a number of recreational and social events. These include bowling, dining out. leisure trips and themed nights such as fancy dress.

EXERCISE AND HEALTHY LIVING - We have a qualified fitness trainer that provides 2 sessions per week of gentle exercise, this not only helps our clients with physical fitness but also helps with mental well being and team building. We also provide advice on the topics of healthy living and personal hygiene whilst providing knowledge and understanding on the importance of sensible eating and self care.

WORK EXPERIENCE - Our in house community/charity shop provides our clients with a range of opportunities e.g. customer service, stock control, handling money etc, these opportunities help build confidence and the the chance to learn new skills.

Some of the activities on offer