Paul Jackson (Founder) - Manager

Hi! My name is Paul. I am the manager at The Hive. We opened on 26th July 2010. I am so proud and happy to be part of this very exciting new venture and hope to take it far. I have had five years' experience in this area and I was in customer services for many years. I feel the things I learned there will help me in this role and contribute towards building a solid and productive future for The Hive.

When not working I like to do DIY in my new house, this has taken much of my spare time lately. 

I also like to ride my trike when the weather allows.

Derrick Jackson - Trustee/Volunteer (Woodwork)

Hi, my name is Derrick. I am a retired engineer. Now, along with my partner Coreen, I run the Halifax Rock 'n' Roll Club to make money for local charities.

My two pets are an Autosleeper campervan and a Yamaha trike. I am really pleased to be one of The Hive team and I hope I can help them go from strength to strength.

Angela Greenwood - Client Representative

Hi. My name is Angie and I am the client rep. If there are any problems I let the board know. I was voted on by the other clients. I think I will do a good job. I am looking forward to it.

I like going out socially and I like karaoke and dancing.


Meet the team


Jane Hardy - Senior Care and Support Worker

I have worked in the care sector for around 18 years now, the past 9 being at The Hive.

The whole team are amazing and a joy to work with. Over the years I have learned so much from everyone here. No two days are the same which makes my job so interesting.

In my spare time I enjoy music, movies and especially travelling.

I look forward to the future with The Hive and the excitement of what we can all achieve. 

Kate Cullen (Founder) - Trustee ( Secretary ) Volunteer (Art groups)

I have a background in teaching and after retirement from that I worked as a supervisor in a centre for adults with learning disabilities, where they had some small assembly work to do.

I enjoyed this work so much I decided to volunteer in this area, doing two days per week at The Hive.

The clients are a joy to be with. The days pass so quickly and they achieve some amazing results.

I like the feeling of giving something back to society via these amazing people.


Angela Greenwood - Client Representative

Voted in by her peers, Angie has been client rep for the last four years. She also holds the distinction of being the first client to attend The Hive in July 2010.

Angie likes socialising with her friends and baking.

She likes working in our new shop. Karaoke is another favourite pastime as is crocheting.


Gill Shannon - Trustee (Treasurer)

Elaine Ward - Trustee - Volunteer 

Hi,I'm Elaine, I used to be an hairdresser and I also owned a catering business. I was once the mayoress of Loftus. 

I have three children and five grand-children.

My hobbies are reading, cooking and doing jigsaw puzzles


Bill Pearce (Founder) - Chair of Trustees and volunteer.

I have previously held positions as manager of two disability workshops and spent 24 years working alongside, and with, this client group. I find the work stimulating and rewarding, our clients are a lovely group of people and they respond positively to the tasks in hand.

I am also a qualified counsellor and find this a useful tool as a volunteer. 

I like writing poetry, short stories and reading on lots of different subjects.I love music of many genres, especially from the 1960s.