Client Page

In line with The Hive's policy of complete client

involvement, all the content of this page is produced exclusively by the people we support.





We have been in our new premises for almost four months. It seemed like a good time to ask the clients for their views on the move, here are their comments.


I'm glad that we moved because the old place was too small. This one is bigger and better. I like doing art with Kate.

I like all the other clients

The staff and volunteers are good. I'm happy here.

I also like dancing girls.


I'm This new place is big with lots of room, I like it much better than the other one.

I like doing art and craft, I can do cutting with scissors.

I sometimes help Derrick with putting things there.

I like helping in the shop.

It's nice having dinner/


It's nice, it's better, you can work in the shop selling things like clothes.

I have too many friends at The Hive, I talk to them and I talk to the staff.

I do art and craft and I do tracing and colour things.

I do exercising with Matt when he comes, I'm good at it.


It is a lot bigger and there is more room to get around.

I don't miss the old place at all.

I like sorting things out for the shop and I like doing artwork and colouring.

I am very good at crocheting.

We have nice people to work with.


It's wonderful down here. We can do more things.

I like working with Matt doing exercises.

I'm sewing Superman on my own.

I do vacuuming when we are tidying up and get water for break.

We have to keep it all tidy.


I think it's alright, it's good. It's brilliant.

I didn't like the old place.

I like to do drawing because I'm good at it.

I like it we've got a library.

I can read and I watch films.




I think it's good because it's easier for me

 to get here. I think it's nice.

It's big and better than the other place.

I enjoy coming here.

I love it, it's massive, it's really friendly. The staff are brilliant.

The atmosphere has got a buzz to it, I like to hear other people talking in the background.

Paul is absolutely brilliant and topnotch to everybody. If you feel down, all you've got to do is go to the staff. We are a close-knit family.

There are plenty of nearby shops to buy food for dinner from.


I've never been as happy as I am since we moved here. 

I can't believe how much more space we've got.

It's also much warmer here.

My journey is much easier, I only have to get a bus into town now.

I was always on edge up at the other place.

I felt vulnerable waiting for a bus outside the Enterprise Centre at Hanson Lane.