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  I'm a City fan

by Chris

I like coming to The Hive on a Monday. I like sewing. I have sewn a David Bowie picture and a Rod Stewart picture.

I like all different kinds of music.

I do my own cooking. Sometimes I make pasta with chicken, tomato and pasta sauce.

Sometimes I go out and look round the shops, especially the DVD stalls on the market.

Sometimes I go to see my dad and we go to football. I support Manchester City, my dad supports Tottenham Hotspur.


About Me



I enjoyed the Christmas meal. I like Coronation Street, Eastenders, Hollyoaks and Netflix. 

I like to listen to Michael Jackson.

I like skulls, and I have a bag, a T-shirt and a hoodie with skulls on.

We went to the Sea Life Centre at Cayton Bay. I saw a shark and sea-lions. We played crazy golf and went swimming.

At The Hive




I do many different things at The Hive. I like sorting things out. I like crocheting.

I make the drinks for everyone at The Hive :- tea and coffee. I also like working in the shop.

I fetch the meat pies for dinner from across the road and I also fetch the post. I like the singalongs.

Twice a week at the end of the day I read to everyone. I enjoy doing it and my reading is getting a lot better.

I like serving people in the pop-up shops and when we have the market stall.

I represent the clients at the Trustees meetings. I have to go round and ask people if they have anything to bring up.

Important Job



I like VW vans. I like Stig from the Top Gear TV programme. I like Gareth Gates' singing.

I like all police officers and I like their uniforms.

I am good at sewing by hand. I have sewn pictures of a VW van, a mini, Batman, an ambulance and a police van.

I have an important job to do at The Hive. I am the Storeroom Manager. I make sure everything is neat and tidy. I am getting a badge soon.                                         




I like coming to The Hive. I like making cards for people such as my mom and Lauren and Angie.

I like tidying up. I made a lovely sign for the Stavento Cafe in town. I like sewing with a needle and thread.

The people are happy at The Hive and and that makes me happy.

In Stitches

by Dawn 

I have an I.pad, and I got new socks for Christmas, and a magnet.

The Hive is wonderful. I like dancing at parties. I like cleaning and hoovering at The Hive.

On Wednesdays I go to the pub for a meal with my mum and Elaine. At home I play bowling on the Wi-fit.

Once, without any help, I did a piece of sewing about Manchester United. It was brilliant.

Sometimes my friend Christine comes up from Manchester.


Out with the family



I like watching cookery programmes and playing games on the computer.

I go to Puregym every day. I go shopping with my big sisters and brother in law to Bradford, sometimes.

I go to restaurants and to Primark in Bradford.

I like tidying up and hoovering. I like doing the exercises when Matt comes in.

             Cross Stitch Designs



I love doing cross stitch designs. It's something that keeps me calm and relaxed.

It is a fantastic hobby for somebody as artistic as me.



by Sean

I like going to the theatre to see dancing girls, and to have ice-cream. 

I like to see all my friends at The Hive.

I have a very special kind of colouring when I do hundreds of little circles.

I went to Blackpool with my twin sister at Christmas. We saw singers. They sang Dean Martin and Michael Buble songs.

There was a magician in the hotel. He went to the tables and did card tricks.


My Projects



Hi my name is Berni. My hobbies are doing different projects such as my favourite violinist, Andre Rieux. My other project is about Brenda Blethyn, who plays DCI Vera Stanhope.

I live in residential accommodation with four other ladies. We have staff for 24/7. They take us out to Huddersfield, Bradford, Leeds and Halifax for instance.

Sometimes I go to my sister's for my tea on Mondays. She lets me go on her I-pad.

Last Saturday my brother Andrew came over from Lancashire, he took me out for a coffee and bought me some Christmas presents


Taking stock


Ian (aka Ferret)

I once worked on a farm in North Yorkshire. I milked the cows, had breakfast and then cleaned out the cows and calves and pigs.

I cut the grass and turned it with a shaker.

The best thing about living on a farm was looking after the stock. I was there for about three years.

I loved the outdoor life.





I like coming to The Hive. I like having a cuppa.

I like art and craft. I like Paul and Jane.

Sometimes I'm quiet.

Sometimes I like singing to myself because I'm happy. I like to sing 'Baby Shark'.

I like cooking.




People at The Hive are nice and friendly and that's I like coming to The Hive.

I like doing tapestry. I like doing the till in the shop.

I like cooking when Susan is here.

I like watching DVDs and listening to music like Abba.

Guitar Man


I come to The Hive every other Monday. I have lots of friends here. 

I like to do all sorts of things.

I enjoy music and I am learning to play the electric guitar.

I've got a girlfriend, her name is Amy Rooney.

I travel independently from Todmorden and back. I live there in a supported living house with five other residents. We also have sleep in staff.


Lauren proudly displays her embroidery

Jamie takes great 'PRIDE' in his art work.

And we're not 'LION'.


Sean, right, receives the winners trophy from last month's champion, Gareth. 

There were several high scores and many strikes in this match.

Sean was a deserved winner in the end, especially after achieving three spares in a row.

Bowling Champion

November 2019