Julie Keaveney: Assessor/Trainer Calderdale College


Dear Paul

I would like to complement you, staff and committee members on the wonderful work that you all do at The Hive.


On the numerous times that I have come to the centre, it has been an absolute pleasure in seeing how much the service users, interact and participate in the wide variety of activities that are made available, from using the computers, arranging a Christmas show, to assisting in the shop.  In doing this you are clearly helping to build confidence, self – esteem and independence skills in everyone that attends.


It is evident that you, staff and committee members are passionate and enjoy your work at The Hive, this enthusiasm is contagious not only with the service user but with anyone that visits the centre.


Kindest regards


Julie Keaveney

Assessor/Trainer (Health and Social Care)

Calderdale College

Drew Bostock: Work Placement 

My work placement at The Hive is really good, the staff are really nice and the clients are wonderful. I love doing my placement here because i enjoy all the activities we do with the clients.

I don't want to leave, i have met great people at The Hive, they are great staff to work with and the clients are lovely, they make my day.

We have had really good times.I love being here with the staff and clients, teaching them different things every day.

It makes me happy to come to The Hive and see everybody they melt my heart and make me smile, no one will get better staff than Jane and Paul they always cheer me up.

From your best friend Drew x x x

Glad Pattison: Parent

Dawn has been attending The Hive for over 2 years now. She has made lots of friends and she loves Paul and Jane the staff who support her.

The Hive is such a happy place and the staff are dedicated to the needs of all the clients that attend.

Abdul's Family

Abdul has totally improved in many ways since going to The Hive, his behavior and understanding has changed for the best, he is always talking about the fun activities he does on a daily basis when been there and also friends and staff.

Abdul has better communication skills and more confidence since joining.

We Abdul's family often visit and we get the chance to see with our own eyes, all the fun tasks, they have such a friendly, positive atmosphere. We are happy Abdul chose to go to The Hive it has totally transformed his life.

Thanks to Paul and Jane for all the support given to Abdul.

From Reshma and Misba

Moya Redfearn: Friend of The Hive

Hello Paul, Jane, Kate,  Staff and Clients,


It was lovely to call in and see your latest ventures last week. The atmosphere is so welcoming and relaxing.


I take my hat off to you all when I see what you have achieved.  You all bring different expertise to the table and yet you all blend in so well.


I have known Paul, Kate and a few of the existing clients for quite some years now and I never fail to be totally in awe of your achievements.


The other most amazing thing is that you still find time to raise the levels of your topics.  Truly amazing!  Keep on producing your tremendous work and keep proving that the sky is the limit.  Although that does not sound to be out of the question with your endeavours!!


The reason I am writing is to bring to the attention of the public, that you do not have to be a relation of your clients, or a member of staff to be part of your organisation.  I write in the capacity of 'friend of the Hive' and proud so to be.


Good luck to you all


Moya Redfearn


Romany Turner: Student Social Worker 

Hi Paul,


Just a quick email to thank you again for allowing us to visit The Hive yesterday and making us feel so welcome – I have not laughed so hard in a long time!


We were all so impressed by your provision and the inclusive and personalised service you provide for your clients. It was lovely to see how relaxed and happy your service users are; it was clear that they have a real sense of ownership over The Hive and that the service you provide is tailored to meet their individual needs and wishes.

You should be very proud of the work you do and the happiness you create despite constraints with funding etc. I shall certainly spread the word about your charity shop/market stalls as well as the fantastic service, encouragement and sanctuary you provide for your clients.  


Hope to see you all again,



Ken: Visitor and generous supporter

Thank you for a wonderful time

but I am sorry I have to go

I will be coming back again

when you have your fashion show.

It's over the hills and far away

a distance i have to drive 

but i'll remember the smiley faces

in this place you call the hive.


Matt Swierzynski: Fitness Trainer

Thank you to The Hive team and trustees for giving me the opportunity to work with you all.


I run exercise and activity sessions twice a week at the Hive with all of the brilliant members. The aim is to motivate, educate and encourage the members to get more active, healthy and fitter whilst also encouraging their independence.


The sessions last around 60-90 minutes and involve a variety of exercises to challenge and test us by developing fitness, strength, co-ordination, balance, confidence and knowledge. As well as planning exercises and physical activities I also plan quizzes to test and develop the members knowledge on their health, fitness and healthy eating.


Every session is planned for and tailored to the group and each individual member. 


Every session I am amazed and inspired by the fantastic progress that every member is making physically, mentally and emotionally. It gives me immense satisfaction and pride to be partnered with the Hive and to be helping this fantastic and innovative organisation. 


Thank you to the staff and trustees for your support and giving me the opportunity and thank you to the members for your continued hard work and determination and welcoming me into the Hive. What you all do is amazing and life-changing.


Looking forward to keeping up the great progress and journey together.


High 5,



Trinity Lawrence. (Work Experience from The Brooksbank School)

I have only been attending The Hive for two weeks now, I have seen a huge improvement in each individual who goes here. We did a variety of different activities such as textiles, counting, using and remembering what muscles are around the body and what energy is needed for. They made dinner themselves by choosing which ingredient they wanted to chop up, I took several photographs for my folder where I will be talking about my experiences at The Hive.

I joined in on quite a few things that had been organised, I enjoyed sitting with all the members and seeing them remember certain things about me, also we have a lot in common. I can openly say all the staff Make The Hive complete and a good, educational place for the members to have fun.

I feel very comfortable and stable in The Hive and will miss everyone. I have enjoyed each and every part of this experience and I thank you for letting me have this chance.

Yours sincerely, 


The Brooksbank School 


Ashley Brill - Student from Calderdale College - Health and Social Care,

on work experience.

Hi, this is my comment on The Hive..... 

“I think that the Hive is a great place for individuals and it gives them a good, safe place to make friends and socialise, it has been a great experience for me to do my placement here at The Hive, I have spent time with each individual who attends The Hive, I have done one to one work, my confidence has grown, I have had people singing and dancing at The Hive. The Hive is a place with positive energy. I will definitely be coming back to visit and I am very thankful that the staff at The Hive let me do my placement here as it has been a great opportunity, thank you to everyone at The Hive” 😎