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Angie and Andrew join Jane in a  chat with Bev Sissons from Ambitions 4 Kirklees


In our own write


by Angela Greenwood

and Stephen Bland

On Friday, 16th September it was our Abba Night. Some of us dressed up in 70's clothes and wigs.

It was a good night with lots of dancing and Derrick the DJ played some good songs.

Gareth has an art attack


Blackpool Trip


Gareth Anderton

When we went to Blackpool, I bought a duck from the RNLI and I won some teddies.

We then went through the lights and me, Paul, Sean, Mark, Stephen, Angie and Philippa all bought flashing head lights and all wore them on the bus.


My Blackpool Birthday Bash


Angela Greenwood

For my birthday we all went to Blackpool. We all went on the ride. Jane screamed all the time.

And the weather was very nice and we had a good time.

And thanks to my mom to pay for the trip for us.




 We had a trip to Blackpool to celebrate

Angela's birthday.

THE HAWORTH TRIP (06/07/2011)

by Andrew Crane

On Wednesday, 6th July, we went on a trip. Kayliegh and I met Paul and others at Hebden Bridge train. We got on the bus to Howarth. When we got to Haworth, we looked at some shops then we had our dinner before we went on a steam train ride.

A tall story

by Andrew Crane

I buy and sell food in the Community Shop and me and the other clients do the stock take. I do the stock take on Mondays.

I like working in the Community Shop because I am learning new things.

Why I like is because I can reach the top shelf.


by Stephen Bland

On the 24th September 2011, we had a day in Blackpool. It was a great day.

We walked round and went on the pier where some of us went on a few rides and got a fright.

Sean. Mark and Philippa had a go on a shooting stall and only won a small prize. Gareth won a few cuddly toys.

I won two on a machine where you have to move a grabber to put a toy down a shute.

We saw a big stretch limousine, then later we had fish and chips for tea.

We then set off to see the lights, well half of them at least due to the amount of traffic.

Me, Paul, Gareth, Mark, Sean, Angela and Philippa all bought flashing Mohican head lights.


Golden Smile ?




Angela Greenwood

We can go to the warehouse in Leeds for some more things and we do the stock take. We do the price list to tick them off. We sell good stuff and the price is very cheap.

We sell to some friends and they are nice to us all the time.

We have to be nice to all the customers and we can help to pack them in the bags.

We are good with the change and we do have a nice smile on our faces.